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Current Life Insurance

We at Dufferin Financial Group would like to better understand your needs in order to evaluate and qualify offers we receive from various insurance companies - to "separate the wheat from the chaff".  This way we will inform you only about the appropriate product enhancements and programs from your life insurance provider.  

Additional coverage if special offers available?
  - can we increase your coverage for the same premium?  

Lower premium with same coverage?
     - can we reduce your premium for the same coverage? 

Policy changed to pay own premiums?
     - can we pay premiums from policy values?

Transfer policy values to a tax-deductible RRSP?
     - are tax-free dividends available to deposit into tax-deductible RRSP?

Accessing policy cash value in retirement?
     - would you like a supplemental retirement income?

Can we help you achieve your Retirement/Income Goals?
     - are you able to project your retirement income and expenses today?

Establish regular appointment times to monitor your portfolio performance?
     - let's focus on making your retirement dreams come true!  




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